Here are the items that could not be inserted in "i'm from the Government"--full size images, and audio and video files. Click on the thumbnails or text for the images or files.

Texas City

Video, audio, and images

A half mile from the blast,

the shock wave could still

cave in the sides of auto-

mobiles in a parking lot.

Atomic Testing in the Southwest

Knothole-Badger, a 23-

kiloton warhead.

"Dirty Harry," exploded

at 300 feet altitude,

sucked in and

irradiated soil and rock.


Audio and video links, files obtained via a FOIA lawsuit. Note this is the first time much of this has been revealed:

Lead up to the tragedy:

     ATF report of agents going

     shooting with the supposedly

     reclusive David Koresh, on

     Feb. 19, 1993. The supposed        reason for the violent raid            was that Koresh never left his      building.

Feb. 28, 1993 gunfight:

     Davidian Wayne Martin

     calls 911 asking for help.

      David Koresh calls 911.

      ATF "radio van" records

      radio traffic and gunshots

April 19 gassing and fire:

       FBI radio traffic--where are

       the fire engines?

Tanks demolished the back of the building; note smoke as the fire begins

The fire, assembled from two images. Note the second story is beginning to collapse while the first story is largely intact. The Davidian children were in a room behind the hole in the center.

Fire engines were held at bay until the building was in ashes. FBI radio traffic (audio at left) shows this was a conscious decision.

The present-day Davidian church at Mt. Carmel outside Waco.

The memorial outside for the ATF agents killed on Feb. 28, 1993, and to the victims of Oklahoma City.

The aftermath of the detonation of 2,300 tons of government-made explosive.